Núcleo Empresarial da Venda do Pinheiro II
Rua da Bica, AM
2665-608 Venda do Pinheiro - Portugal

Tel. +351 219 666 210/310/311
Fax. +351 219 666 410

E-mail: quinimar@quinimar.pt



We were born, we grow, and we develop in the composites industry, which caused probably the last great "industrial revolution" of the 20th century.

We created a demanding and efficient culture based on continual investment and sustained by research and development, the only way to achieve success in such competitive industries as Aeronautics, Military and Defense, Automotive, Shipbuilding, etc.

The construction and public works industry emerging within Quinimar was a natural evolution considering that the association of composite materials with traditional materials represents a perfect symbiosis, enhancing their features through new techniques and products.

Construction and public works is a reference sector all over the world, whose growth in the 20th century was exponential and provided the development of new materials, and acted as facilitators of innovative approaches to construction, whether on the structural level or in the domain of aesthetics and comfort.

We keep in step with this development seeking to be an active part throughout the entire process, manufacturing complementary products that are enhancers of quality in each job.