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QuiniTube PILE


Piles are structural foundation elements, widely known and used throughout the world. Piles enable load transfer at great depths and resort to its execution when the surface soils do not show the necessary resistance and when other less costly techniques cannot guarantee the needed resistance.

  • QuiniTube® PILE ® is an extremely efficient and economical solution for carrying out formed piles with lost steal form pipes, where the steal pipe remains in the ground.
  • QuiniTube® PILE substitutes this steal pipe with obvious economic savings, maintaining its quality and functionality.
  • QuiniTube® PILE, being a tube of high performance woven fabric, allows quick and easy handling, economic transportation, and at the same time, it ensures the confinement of the concrete inside, a fundamental requirement for successfully making concrete piles and micro-piles.

QuiniTube COLUMN


Gravel piles or columns are one of the methods for reinforcing soils, particularly soft soils, and consists of introducing coarse granular material (gravel) in a drilled hole in the ground and compacting the filling material, thus increasing the soil's load capacity, reducing settlements and accelerating its consolidation.

  • There is a series of gravel column techniques that are carried out on the border of the technical and economical advantages of this method, yet all of them are compatible with the advantages that the QuiniTube® COLUMN grants this application.
  • QuiniTube® COLUMN ® is a woven fabric tube with high tenacity, ready to be filled with any granular material, avoiding the mixture of the filling material with those of its surroundings. This way, it confines the granular material, maintaining the lateral friction needed for the success of this technique, remaining as a lost shuttering and ensuring the long term dimensional configuration of the column.

QuiniTube HIDRO


Coastal and river erosion is an extremely worrying reality in the global context. Everyday we are confronted with beaches that disappear, coasts that collapse, being notorious the pressure that this situation imposes on inhabitants and coastal and riverside heritage.

  • As QuiniTube® HYDRO, we can, in a sustainable way, environment friendly, and cautiously, solve some situations of eminent natural catastrophe.
  • QuiniTube® HYDRO is an efficient economic solution with reversible in situ construction, active protection against erosion, (breakwaters) passive protection for reclaiming land from the sea and even walls and dykes. They are large sized, woven fabric tubes that can be filled with any type of inert material, soil or even concrete, forming heavy structures for various applications.
  • Together with the QuiniFlex® mattress, QuiniTube® HYDRO ® is an extremely versatile solution in the field of maritime and river work.

QuiniTube ECO


  • QuiniTube® ECO ® is a sludge and contaminated sediment dehydration system. They are tubes made of high tenacity and permeable woven fabric that enable, without any additional resources, mechanical methods of dehydrating
    waste with high solid material content. They are an economical alternative to traditional wastewater treatment plants and industrial, mining and agricultural waste treatment plants. They are also an extremely efficient solution for cleaning and decontaminating watercourses.
  • QuiniTube® ECO is ecological and economic, accelerating the dehydration process, with the added advantage that it can be carried out at each customer's own pace, with short installation time and low maintenance.