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  • Ports and Marinas
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  • Underwater Works

For the last twenty years, there has been a significant increase in the use of textile formwork in concrete jobs, particularly as underwater protection layers for seaports, coastlines or rivers and underwater jobs. The main reason for this growing interest is due to the introduction of highly resistant woven material with multifilament synthetic fiber. Combining this fact with extreme ease of installation, you get excellent results in reduced labor time.

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  • The most important areas for applying QuiniFlex® are:
    • Erosion control in seaports
    • Erosion control and stabilization of river banks and steep slopes
    • Construction of reservoirs
    • Construction of water and irrigation channels
    • Repairing and reinforcement of bridge and pier pillars
    • Bags and other “woven containers” for underwater jobs
    • Protection, support and ballast for underwater tubing and pipelines
    • Various custom projects for underwater concreting
  • Concrete grout The quality of the grout used in these types of projects is very important. The principle applied to remove excess water is based on pressure. The pressure applied by concrete pumps provokes a quick evacuation of the water through the fabric. The fabric acts as a sieve and is designed to keep the particles from passing through it. It is important to use concrete grout that is easy to pump, of good quality and appropriate resistance.

Quinimar provides four types of QuiniFlex®:

  • Type 1: QuiniFlex® PF with filtration points This double layered cushion was woven in order to produce contact points between the upper and lower section, which work as filters, allowing the passage of water and reducing hydrostatic pressures.
    QuiniFlex® PF is supplied in standard rolls 5.30m wide and 100m long
  • Type 2: QuiniFlex® PD This double layered cushion has spacing threads between the upper and lower section that ensure a homogenous average cushion thickness. QuiniFlex® PD is available in standard rolls 3.75m wide and 100m long and with thicknesses from 7 to 33cm corresponding to a mass of 150 to 750 Kg/m2
  • Type 3: QuiniFlex® Bag/Tubes QuiniFlex® can be custom sewn for bags or tubes according to the specifications required. Please feel free to contact us for any specific application
  • Type 4: QuiniFlex® Grow QuiniFlex® Grow is available with square openings of 30cm², in regular intervals where vegetation can be planted after filling, for more harmonious landscaping.
    QuiniFlex® Grow is supplied in rolls 5.30m wide and 100m long and with diverse fabric colors. Please feel free to contact us for any specific application
  • Advantages of using QuiniFlex® cushions:
    • Economic solution when compared to traditional formwork for concrete jobs
    • Ease and speed of application
    • It conforms and adapts to the irregularities of the location of application
    • QuiniFlex® is extremely strong during application, since high tenacity twisted polyester yarn is used
    • Rolls with widths of 3.75 and 5.3 meters
    • They allow applications that would be impossible to carry out using conventional methods, e.g. protection layers for the bottom of seaports. They enable underwater "slabs"