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Steel fiber for concrete reinforcement

  • Airports
  • Roadworks
  • Ports and Marinas
  • Bridges and Viaducts

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Top performance in practice

  • Floors
    • Industrial floors
    • Roads and trafficked areas
    Industrial floors, heavily loaded pavements at airports, concrete slabs for road construction. The potential applications for concrete reinforced with Quinisteel® steel fibres are incredibly diverse. Even when environmentally hazardous substances are involved, e.g. at petrol stations, the dense microstructure proves its worth
  • House building
    • Foundation slabs
    • Walls
    • Screeds
    House building is now a classic application for Quinisteel® steel fibres. Superior bending tensile strength, cracking strength and the better shrinkage behavior of the “reinforced" material are important arguments for the user. Time and cost savings are fundamental advantages that support the use of these “clever” fibres in construction
  • Shotcrete
    • Preliminary stabilisation
    • Slope stabilisation
    • Concrete renovation
    • Final lining
    The application of sprayed concrete with Quinisteel® fibres results in advantages over conventional techniques. For example in stabilisation of a slope or embankment, in tunnelling or mining, for securing excavations or encasing structural components
  • Precast concrete elements
    • Wall elements
    • Garages
    • Pipes
    • Tubing
    First-class material, properties mean that concrete reinforced with Quinisteel® steel fibres is also-recommended for the production of precast elements for building, and industrial applications. Modular constructions such as precast garages, electricity substations or cable ducts, but also concrete pipes, can therefore be produced cost-effectively
  • Refractory concrete
    • Petrochemicals industry
    • Blast-furnaces
    • Foundries
    Refractory concrete produced by means of tamping, casting or spraying is used when maximum resistance is required. For example, in the petrochemicals industry, in iron and steel making, in the cement industry, in the production of coke, in foundries, in brick and pottery kilns
  • Strongroom technology
    • Safes and vaults
    Vaults, cash dispensers or secure installations - almost anything is possible with a material whose outstanding technical properties are also well-known in the specialist field of strongroom technology. If you want to know if Quinisteel® steel fibres are suitable for your project or your product, and how much you can save, simply contact our team of advisers
  • QuiniSteel Advantages:
    • Homogeneous concrete reinforcement
    • Avoids laying mesh
    • Increased bending tensile strength
    • Increased Impact resistance
    • Improved post-failure behaviour
    • Large joint areas (up to 2000 m2)
    • Eliminates structural corrosion problems
    • Reduced tendency to shrinkage cracks
    • Easy handling