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The QuiniRoad® PET geogrids represent a highly specialized combination of twisted polyester yarn with a high modulus of elasticity and extremely advanced weaving technology that has been implemented over these last twenty years. The QuiniRoad® PET geogrids are made with a high modulus polyester fiber coated with PVC for better protection and ease of maintenance.

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  • High flexibility It follows the contours of the location at low temperatures
  • On-site handling Very easy to handle, since the QuiniRoad® PET rolls do not roll up on themselves. They do not need to be fixed in place, thus allowing for substantial savings
  • Lifespan Polyester is a very stable material with a normal lifespan of one hundred and twenty years
  • Coverage QuiniRoad® PET geogrids are provided in 5.20m wide rolls. This width, being wider than other products currently on the market, allows for a lesser number of rolls and thus, lesser usage costs
  • Strength of materials QuiniRoad® PET has a range of products with high strength at low elongation. The QuiniRoad® PET geogrids’ fatigue resistance complies with the most relevant CEN/ISO standards
  • Durability As proven by numerous tests, polyester (PET) is an extremely strong and stable polymeric material. As such, the QuiniRoad® PET geogrids, obtained by a high performance weaving process, possess excellent characteristics as regards creep, resistance to mechanical damage, UV resistance and degradation caused by chemical and biological agents
  • Friction The filling of the geogrid’s mesh openings with the granular material of the soil enables high friction coefficients, enabling the soil reinforced with the QuiniRoad® PET geogrids to resist cutting forces
  • Retaining walls Retaining walls are conventionally built out of concrete or masonry in order to resist the lateral or hydrostatic pressures of the ground.
    Using QuiniRoad® PET geogrids, the retaining wall can be built without exterior support. QuiniRoad® PET geogrids can also be used in combination with biodegradable solutions to build facades covered in vegetation…
  • Steep slopes Reinforcement with QuiniRoad® PET geogrids is used to obtain steeper slopes than would be possible using natural filling materials. They are specially adapted for building ecological slopes covered in vegetation and which blend in perfectly with the surrounding environment. Slopes covered in vegetation have been built at heights of 45 meters using reinforcement with QuiniRoad® PET geogrids
  • Roads and railways Reinforcement with QuiniRoad® PET geogrids is used to restrict structural deformations. In practice, this means a reduction of structural deformations caused by traffic and other loads. The benefits of using QuiniRoad® PET geogrids are noted particularly in areas that combine high loads and weak soils. This reinforcement technique can be used both to reduce the amount of base layer as well as to increase its durability. QuiniRoad® PET geogrids can also be used to reduce differential deformations, for example, as a result of elongations